Braindance. Breakcore. Unconventional Electronic Music.

Vienna-based DJ and Music Maker, active since the early 2000s. Focused on unconventional electronic music, particularly genres such as Breakcore, Braindance and IDM. Driven by a passion for fast and detailed music, Sepix promotes a well-crafted, fun and danceable sound. Founding member of the infamous Noisecamp Crew. Widely known through regular appearances as a DJ in Vienna and touring around Europe. Music Producer since 2010, having appeared on various releases such as the Swift Noise Compilation. Constantly expanding the long time mix series “Braindance Roundup” and “Breakcore Rundown”. Recently released his first EP “Ten Years”.

Streaming every Friday Night
from 7:30pm CET

Latest Breakcore Mix

Sepix - Breakcore Rundown Fifteen
Sepix – Breakcore Rundown Fifteen

Sepix - Braindance Roundup Sixteen
Sepix – Braindance Roundup Sixteen

Latest Braindance Mix

My EP “Ten Years” has been released and is available on all digital stores!

More Information here.

Sepix - Ten Years EP Cover
Sepix – Ten Years EP Cover