Sepix – Braindance Roundup Ten

End of the Series – it got pretty long so i split it up in two Parts.

Sepix - Braindance Roundup Ten

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Ten

Mixcloud Link to Sepix – Braindance Roundup Ten (Part 1)

Mixcloud Link to Sepix – Braindance Roundup Ten (Part 2)



Part 1
1. Kid606 – Satans Hard Drive
2. Ike Yard – NCR (Funkstörung Remiks)
3. Cardopusher – I Cannot Buy Dollars
4. RJD2 – Good Times Roll Pt. 2
5. Boards of Canada – New Seeds
6. Maladroit – Amen Motherfucker
7. Datach’i – Sick Face
8. Belladonnakillz – 4u
9. CDR – Lala Song (CDR Remix)
10. Danny L Harle – In My Dreams
11. µ-Ziq – The Fear (Venetian Snares Remix)
12. Bomb 20 – Life
13. Aphex Twin – CIRCLONT6A [141.98][syrobonkus mix]
14. Egotronic – Die Partei
15. Dat Politics – #14
16. Vaetxh – Unfolding Mechanism
17. Wheelsfalloff – Young Liberals
18. Beatwife – Thrushup
19. The Tuss – Rushup I Bank 12
20. Studio Pressure – Relics (Plaid Mix)
21.  µ-Ziq – Carpet Muncher

Part 2
22. Society Suckers – Sounds Like Another Setup
23. weyheyhey !! – For Your Ears Only
24. Junglord – Don Da Da
25. Belladonnakillz – The Man
26. Kkrusty – Electronic Music is Still a Joke
27. Vytear – Midi Vanilli
28. Lauren Bousfield and Scylla – Flying High
29. Com.A – Trip to Encyclopedia
30. Asfast – Human Dressed Unhappy
31. Mendelayev – Shvah – Tvar (Mendelayev Short Version Remix)
32. Toecutter – Rainbow Ejaculation (DJ Anal Erection Remix)
33. Emotional Joystick – Eight
34. Frog Pocket – Windy Goule
35. Pale – Track 2 (Demo) Longer
36. Enduser – Endya2
37. Squarepusher – Go! Spastic
38. Sabrepulse – We Are Hi-Speed Tour Mix
39. Aaron Spectre – 1600 Penn, FTW
40. The Flashbulb – Lawn Wake III
41. Shitmat – Night of the Scorpion Scumland Riders
42. Ruby My Dear – The Dreaming Tree
43. Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (End-Roll Version)

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Nine

Number Nine, here we go.

Sepix Braindance Roundup Nine

Sepix Braindance Roundup Nine

Mixcloud Link to Sepix – Braindance Roundup Nine


1. Zack Christ – Iced Out
2. HK119 – C’est La Vie (K21’s Masters Of The World Remix)
3. Magical Mistakes – Blurry Vision
4. Mouse On Mars – Albion Rose
5. Flint Kids – Sancerre
6. Bodenst ndig 2000 – Orko Kann Nicht Mehr Zaubern
7. Mago – Spaceships and Piles of Mud
8. Shlohmo – Slow Descent
9. IJO – Sound37
10. AFx – Girl Boy Dark Version
11. Quok x Influe x Effectible – Nintendo
12. underwater – The Big Mill
13. Clark – Herzog
14. Various Artists – Y370 and Futt To Fino – So Do I(Insight)
15. Squarepusher – Massif (Stay Strong)
16. Sedarka – V (Atomhead rmx)
17. Julie Dreyfus – Queen of the Crime Council
18. Nailbomb Cults – At it like Rabbits
19. Martin Phone – Over Before It Began
20. Shlohmo – Sippy Cup
21. µ-Ziq – Rise of the Salmon
22. Ruby My Dear – Monk’s Dream
23. Big In Albania – A Special Dedication, Part 1
24. Slepcy – Bwoys-remix
25. Anti Kati – Everybody Have A Goodtime
26. Skytree – 1000 Miles from Everywhere
27. Rob Steady – Redo New Things
28. Wheelsfalloff – Women
29. Shatterbreak – STYGIAN STORM CHAMBER

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Eight

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Eight

The last entry for now in this series. I still have plenty of tracks but i`m not sure if i can/want to make them fit together. We`ll see. For now I´ll do a break and will be back soon with something else/new 🙂

Sepix - Braindance Roundup Eight

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Eight


Mixcloud Link to Sepix – Braindance Roundup Eight


1. Aphex Twin – Lichen (1136 wis mix)
2. Gwem (DJ Novanova1) – Tune 4 My Atari
3. Curtis Chip – Happy Days
4. Ovuca – Crystal Cupboard
5. Lucidikah & Awt – Puzzle Piece (Train Crash Remix)
6. Xltronic Remix Contest – Aermx136
7. Asfast – Lost Princess And Rusty Ruins
8. Herv – Sometimes I´m so Smart, I`m Stupid.
9. Gimmik – Booga
10. Acrnym – Lava Lump
11. Frog Pocket – My Mentle Ass
12. Ove-Naxx – Police vs. Maluso
13. Bath Aide – Seppoli H
14. Curtis Chip – Eating Paste
15. Salvatorin – Crystal shindig
16. Culprate – Glimpse
17. Retrigger – Jamie and Caroline

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Seven

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Seven

Weee! Number Seven turned out soo great! It has a great flow, it`s fast and fun , I like it a lot and i hope you do too 🙂
The Highlights are Gimmik, Com.a and a Remix of the fantastic Utopia Soundtrack.

The Mood is: FUN!

Sepix - Braindance Roundup Seven

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Seven


Mixcloud Link to Sepix – Braindance Roundup Seven


1. Seafoam Green by Last Step
2. Little Computer People by Gimmik
3. Plastico by Resurrector
4. Fear Farms by Com.A
5. Morning Glory by Bomb 20
6. Meinheld by µ-Ziq
7. Random Shooting Artificial by Unknown
8. P2P by Dragan Espenschied
9. Acid Breezer by Ceephax Acid Crew
10. Robovirtuoso by Zephyr Nova
11. Probably End Up Dead In A Ditch Somewhere by Nero’s Day At Disneyland
12. Library Grey by Wisp
13. Jackal by Kid Spatula
14. Cinder Groove by Beatwife
15. Autumn Dreams Me by Asfast
16. Utopia Overture by (MiD – Lee s Project)

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Six

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Six

Number Six turned out to be the weirdest Mix by now.  As mentioned earlier i originally wanted to focus on IDM only but it turned out i got so many tracks planned for this that Braindance seemed to be the better Term. This time however it really got weird since i included some Indie/Singing/Songwriter tracks that definitely aren`t IDM or even Braindance. So i thought a while about leaving them out but decided against because – i like those Tracks a lot. So, here you go, an intro that will turn away a lot of Listeners and a Mixture of Tracks that`s hard to Follow for an Outsider. Does this makes sense? Not if you want to attract a lot of Listeners, but i`m doing this for me, so, yes. To me it does 🙂

The Highlights is Kosmic Excentricity by Fujako. The Mood is weird. And if you pay Attention you`ll figure that there`s a guiding thread throughout the whole hour 😉


Sepix - Braindance Roundup Six


Mixcloud Link to Sepix – Braindance Roundup Six


1. Fuck, Was I by Jenny Owen Youngs
2. No More Worlds Like This, No More Days Like That by Lauren Bousfield
3. I Love U by Boards of Canada
4. Kosmic Excentricity by Fujako
5. Whitewards by Polygon Ring
6. Blankets by Shlohmo
7. Cotton by The Mountain Goats
8. 43353.rf by Pita
9. Shiver Shrapnel (Woulg Remix) by Cirrus
10. These Are My Children by SecondaryCell
11. Poppy Seed (Reprise) (Boards of Canada Remix) by Slag Boom Van Loon
12. Who Knows by Marion Black
13. Blumenwiese Neben Autobahn by Ulrich Schnauss
14. High Fives by Four Tet
15. The Wing Thing by Astrobotnia
16. Revolver by Ochre
17. Combine_44x by Aoens
18. Midas Touch (Hell Interface Remix) by Boards Of Canada

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Five

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Five

Acid Acid Acid!

As this Series is progressing we now arrived at the more fun Part 🙂 Squelchy Goodness ranging from Post-Modern Acid, over Classics like Squarepushers My Red Hot Car to the unavoidable Beatwife.

This Time the Mood is Light-Headed!

Sepix - Braindance Roundup Five

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Five

Mixcloud Link to Sepix – Braindance Roundup Five


1. RIP Acid by The Tuss
2. Smersonality by Venetian Snares
3. On My Own by Ulrich Schnauss
4. One Fell Swoop by Objekt
5. Host by Plaid
6. Harder Than You Think by Public Enemy
7. wapiwoop1-2-2 by Aphex Twing
8. All Those Things I Meant To Say by Minion
9. Pretty Day To Die + Orien – Look At My Eyes by The Tuss
10. My Red Hot Car (Girl) by Squarepusher
11. Good Friday (Remix by Boards of Canada) by Why?
12. Manthread Beats, Pt. 1 by Beatwife
13. Loads of Little Squares by Greenbank
14. Intelligent Technology by Pontonius
15. Last Breath Of The Homelands by The Mover
16. Pass Me an Idiom by Herv
17. Websiiite by Tracky Birthday feat Dragan

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Four

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Four

Number Four scratches the Boundaries of IDM with some complementary Pop, Glitch and even Techno 😉

The Mood is Head-Nodding!

And, to me, the Highlights are Mujuice, Woulg and Max Cooper.

Sepix - Braindance Roundup Four

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Four

Mixcloud Link to Sepix Braindance Roundup Four


1. Imaginary Places (Mujuice Remix) by Quok
2. Adalihcne by Ither
3. Heresy by Max Cooper
4. Great Lake Rising by Lithium Enchantment
5. Flabby Smuts by Wisp
6. Lion by Four Tet
7. Glassmaker by Ochre
8. One-Half Terror by Torley
9. Hollow by Woulg
10. Moments by State Of The Art
11. The Sound at the Big Babou by Laurent Garnier
12. Vletrmx (Plaid Remix) by Autechre
13. Three by Magical Mistakes
14. Jewel Tea by µ-Ziq

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Three

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Three

This one went so well! After taking a break from DJ`ing for such a long time i kinda had a rough start with the first two DJ Mixes in this Series. The first one was recorded 3 or 4 times until i was happy with it and also the second Mix definitely took more attempts than one 😉 Number three ended up great though. Everything went well on the first attempt and i like the flow a lot.

The Mood is lighting up and can be decribed as relaxed. Most of the Tracks have a more modern, minimal Signature.

The Highlights are Rob Clouth (who actually appears three times in this one if you pay close attention, Si Begg (with his fantastic banger as second) and Magical Mistakes.

Sepix - Braindance Roundup Three

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Three

Mixcloud Link



1. Supermarket skweep by Ither

2. Better Living Through Distortion – Original Mix by Si Begg

3. Johnny Nemo (with Akira The Don) by Mothboy

4. Shotlicker by DJ Lance Lockarm

5. Sansula (Max Cooper’s “Lost In Sound” Mix) by Dominik Eulberg

6. Hollow Bodies by Magical Mistakes

7. Cloud complex by Rob Clouth

8. June 9th by Boards of Canada

9. Small Plans by RJD2

10. Matin Lunaire by Plaid

11. Deep Field (Vessels Remix) by Leisure System

12. Before Veto by Cylob

13. Force 50 000 by Debmaster

14. Ruxack 2000 by Bodenständig 2000

15. Local Hero by Crazy Q

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Two

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Two

The second mix in this series differs a bit from the first one. The difficulty level for listeners is raised by adding Harsh Noise, weird time signatures and Breakcore. I really like this mixture though because it adds nuances to the IDM attempt.

This second mix is a tad faster, weirder and more colourfull and i`d describe the mood as nervous 😀

My Highlights in this one are the tracks by Woulg, Dev/Null and Hiflier.

Sepix - Braindance Roundup Two

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Two

Mixcloud Link



1. Into Railway Cars by Woulg

2. XYZ by Boards of Canada

3. Questionable Aims by Geroyche

4. Morlocks Take Manhattan (Nero’s Day At Disneyland RMX) by Nero’s Day At Disneyland

5. How to Break Time by Frequent C

6. Everyone by Astrobotnia

7. The April Sunshine Shed by The Flashbulb

8. Misnomer by Four Tet

9. Zombie Sunset by Dev Null

10. Antlers by Hiflier

11. Then You Hear Footsteps by The Insane Warrior

12. t1e0n Foot Wall by Aoens

13. The Monarch’s Pyramid by Cristobal Tapia de Veer

14. Untitled by Dat Politics

15. Amathyst MSM Gate Mortgage Remix by Nero’s Day At Disneyland

16. New Seeds by Boards of Canada

Sepix – Braindance Roundup One

Sepix Braindance Roundup One – Series Kickoff!

Aaand i`m back from the dead. Not with Breakcore though but with a new set of Mixes by the infamous DJ Sepix 🙂 The original idea was creating something like an IDM Series but i wanted to avoid any Genre wars. Also, while i`ll be focusing on everything IDM i didn`t want to exclude or mislabel other Genres – hence the name: Braindance Roundup.

These DJ Sets will feature a lot of tracks that are very dear to me for different reasons. As said, mostly IDM, but also Glitch, Acid, Downtempo and Hip-Hop. Nice melodies, interesting sounds, weird stuff and off beat drums. The Tracks are losely sorted by tempo, so the further these DJ Sets progress the faster it gets – with exceptions of course.

The first one is slow, the mood is somewhat desperate with tracks by well-known and not so well-known artists.

To me the Highlights are the Tracks by Shlomo, Lauren Bousfield and The Ghost of 3.13.

Enjoy listening!

Edit: This DJ Set now is 8th in the Mixcloud IDM Charts! Thx everyone for tuning in!



Sepix Braindance Roundup One

Sepix Braindance Roundup One

Mixcloud Link



1. Meet Ur Maker by Shlohmo

2. Hej by Awt

3. God by Bomb 20

4. Everyday Gone by The Flashbulb

5. Locked Into Phantasy by Lauren Bousfield

6. Waltz of Failure by Minion

7. Between Us and Them by Ulrich Schnauss

8. Storm Clouds on the Open Sea by Cake Builder

9. Dementia by Asfast

10. Hurt by The Ghost Of 3.13

11. Trike by Kid Spatula

12. Airplane by SEVEN

13. Silver Echos by Zephyr Nova

14. Chromakey Dreamcoat by Boards Of Canada

15. Yugen by Ochre

16. P.G.Rapefruit Latino by Culprate

17. The Descent by Rob Clouth