2012 – Sepix @ Fuga, Bratislava

The “last” Sepix Breakcore Mix … 4 years ago! :/

Fuga is the follow up to Batelier after it was closed/renamed/moved. It`s still very active, a nice club and i enjoyed playing there. Still having the Batelier appearance in mind i finally got around practicing the new Traktor version a bit more and finally, after all those years of improvising, actually managed nice transitions 😀

Listening to the recording today the only thing that bugs me is the Venetian Snares track at ~13 Minutes. While the idea was good and the tempo perfect, it just doesn`t fit in there. Besides that i`m very fond of the mix and the night as i remember it 🙂

Sepix Fuga Bratislava

Sepix Fuga Bratislava

Mixcloud Link to this Sepix Breakcore Mix recorded @ Fuga, Bratislava, 11.08.12


1. A Different Yesterday by DJ Hidden
3. Knowledge & Wisdom by Bazooka
4. Human dressed unhappy by Asfast
5. Mercy Funk by Venetian Snares
6. JRStress RMX by SLEPCY
7. I hate your fucking face by Knifehandchop
8. Gimme Some More by Igor
9. Never Sell Out by FFF
10. Im A Psycho by Hellfish
11. I Don’t Give A Fuck by Igor
12. Music Fang by Acrnym
13. Killin Joe by X&TRICK
14. CARRION CARNIVAL by Shatterbreak
15. Storm Raid Attack by Sabrepulse
16. You Should Be Ashamed by System Corrupt
17. The Ballad of Iamlinear by Pale
18. Staple Tape Worms On My Penis by Passenger Of Shit
19. Wtfisadubcannon by Pale
20. Power by Rapp Scallion
21. The most Sadistic by Ventriloquist Snakes
22. No cocksuck by Intoxicated
23. MISS FILTH INCARNATE by Shatterbreak
24. Inek by Ruby My Dear
25. El fuckin Vibes by Xanopticon
26. TAK TAK by Igor
27. Pump It Up by Igor
28. Es ist 6 Uhr 12 by Vojeet
29. Happy singing feat. the prodigy by Passenger Of Shit
30. Say Fuck by Shatterbreak
31. Tracking a relationship throug by Stunt Rock

2011, Batelier

I always liked playing in Bratislava and this one was no exception. Electric Kettle performed his outstanding Liveset and it was fun all around. This appearance also set a new milestone in my DJ career because i finally upgraded Traktor to a newer version which supported Beat Grids!

So, my infamously bad DJ skills got a bit better by using this, still, listening to the recording today i could have done better. The tracks in the set are exceptionally good ones and while the transitions definitely are better then before the mix is all over the place 😀

It`s still a fun set and i`m fond of the memory – enjoy!

sepix, aftershock4, batelier, 2011, flyer


1. Allright, Here we go by Gromov
2. Gjalle Zog by Ruby My Dear
3. Inek by Ruby My Dear
4. Ultraviolent Junglist by Venetian Snares
5. Music Fang by Acrnym
6. The most Sadistic by Venetian Snares
7. Human dressed unhappy by Asfast
8. Building Steam With a Grain of Salt (Ruby My Dear Remix) by DJ Shadow
9. New Generation by Darkwill Breakmasher
10. Farsh vs Golove by Darkwill Breakmasher
11. Dot Matrix Hero by Sabrepulse
12. What’s Up Buttercup? by Acrnym
13. El fuckin Vibes by Xanopticon
14. The red Serpent against ampere opiate Heroes by Narcopsy
15. Fin By Fin by Chopchop
16. Rave5 by Dev/null
17. Theballadofiamlinear by Pale
18. Batty boy by FFF
19. Unknown by Amboss
20. EatDrinkFuck by Techdiff
21. Mollys Reach Round by Venetian Snares+Speedranch
22. Les Petits Bisons by Doc colibri
23. Allow Scenesters by Weyheyhey
24. Punishing2004 by Venetian Snares
25. Incubate by Datach’i
26. “Can’t Sleep” by Rotator
27. Medication is cool by KillJoy vs Enduser vs Mainstream vs MaxProphet vs Msmike
28. Crap Hook-up by KillJoy vs Enduser vs Mainstream vs MaxProphet vs Msmike
29. Toxicremix by Helix
30. Crazyhypershit by Soundbites
31. Lcdnb by Dev/null
32. Choprite by Venetian Snares
33. Singing on his freeze by LeMistral
34. Lamenskis Lament by Synthamesk
35. As vivid as possible by USK
36. Friendship Station (to the Moon) by Acrnym
37. Punching your girlfriends cunt till it bleeds by Pisstank
38. Junglist by FFF
39. If you had my Love (HELLNO BITCH! Remix) by Lisbent
40. Immortalshitupremash by Annoying Ringtone
41. Pump Up The Sound by Charly Linch
42. Bloodlust by Thye
43. Mutha fuckin’ noize show by Warst
44. Champion by FFF
45. Breakcore is dead by SPTNK:RADIOa

2014, Swiftless, Debutalbum

As someone who doesn`t like commercialism and especially commercial music i am a fan of the statement “Noise as a genre can never be commercialized”. While i consider myself more of a Breakcore and IDM fan, i do enjoy Noise as a Genre a lot and have seen many of my favourite Noise Artists (such as: Merzbow, KK Null and the Austrian Legends OneBombOneTarget) performing live.

And then this happened:

Taylor Swift accidentally releases 8 seconds of white noise, tops Canadian iTunes charts

Taylor Swift accidentally releases 8 seconds of white noise, tops Canadian iTunes charts

A Noise track by Taylor Swift made it into the charts. I`ll be damned.

Needless to say some friends and I, who don`t just like the Genre by accident, found this to be very funny/sad and shortly after that my dear friend Tomorroh Hidari announced compiling an album celebratig the commercial success of Noise in the Billboard Charts. Of course i joined the good cause, submitted my track and then the compilation was released on Bandcamp and can be downloaded for free.

Various Artists - Swiftnoise

Various Artists – Swiftnoise

I still don`t really know who Taylor Swift actually is and I don`t even want to look her up but I am thankful for the circumstances that lead to:

A track of mine got released on an album <3

2014, Deadlines

This one is cute and, sadly, the last complete track i did until today. 2 years ago! Meh :/

As many other people who make music i find it very hard to motivate myself finishing a track. 90% of the work is done on the last 10% of the track which can be a tough nut to crack. For this reason i joined the SDCompo Group which in the meantime has been renamed to Audiotournament. I suggest checking the site out to anyone who is using trackers (such as Renoise) for music making as the principle behind it is simple, effective and fun.

Once a month the users are provided with a sample pack which is then to be used to create a track. No other elements besides the ones provided may be used. It is awesome because it solves the problem of having too many sounds to work with, thus forcing the user to be creative with what they have. Limiting yourself to only a few instruments/sounds can do wonders.

It was tough sitting through it, but i was happy enough with the track in the end to release it into the open and submit to the contest – 1 day after the submission deadline 😀
Needless to say the track wasn`t accepted for the round i participated in but at least it got finished 🙂

2009, Badeschiff

The event was called sinking ships – because the location is, well, … a ship 😀



Although it`s definitely one of the more unusual venues i played, i don`t like the location in particular. Parties take place inside the ship, the walls unforgiving steel, the PA horrid, the target audience … not Breakcore fans. I remember the organiser being super friendly though and I remember choosing mostly hardcore tracks since i expected the crowd to be more pleased with that genre.



Fun Fact: Promoting his album Filth back in 2009 Venetian Snares and Otto von Schirach where invited to do a show at this very same location. While i wasn`t there personally I can say the location fits maybe a hundred people … tops 😉



1. Im A Psycho by Hellfish
2. Suffering by DJ Floorclearer
3. Brainbashing by Bazooka alongside Daddy Freddy
4. Big Time by NSF
5. Stop comitting dirty acts against the high officials by Supply Module
6. Listen to the rude boy while i toss by Supply Module
7. I am a spaceship by Thye
8. Come to waste by Thye
9. Babyface by Stivsta
10. Afraid by DJ Floorclearer
11. Butcher by Ars Dada
12. One Eye by Venetian Snares
13. God only know by LCD CI
14. Listen To Your Hardcore by AleX Tune
15. Electric nuke by X&TRICK
16. Mental media developer by E25 corporate
17. Over the limit by DJ Floorclearer
18. Voodoo magic by Mr kill
19. My Name Is Roar Roar by Eustachian
20. Breakcore is dead by Unknown

2007, Massiv

Supporting Maladroit and Epsilon this was recorded back in 2007. The Location, called Massiv, has one of the worst sound systems worldwide. Nonetheless we had fun! Can`t say much about the playlist besides Acrnym was the shit back then and while looking at the playlist – i was lazy as fuck creating it 😀




1. Repeat by Acrnym
2. Plunging hornets by Venetian Snares
3. Knife by Acrnym
4. Alan Coleslaw by Acrnym
5. What’s Up Buttercup? by Acrnym
6. Of corset horse by Acrnym
7. Sexx pimp by Acrnym
8. Labba Labba by Rotator
9. One Sharp Knife by Rotator
10. “Can’t Sleep” by Rotator
11. Ouh Ahh, Fucking More ! by Rotator
12. Mama didnt raise no vegan by DJ Floorclearer
13. Bowel Poker by DJ Floorclearer
14. Possum Decapitation by DJ Floorclearer
15. Over the limit by DJ Floorclearer
16. Robto arms dealer by Microphyst
17. Manipulated by Revive
18. Squeaktoy superhero has sex with hippos by Spherex
19. Horned granner git down by Spherex
20. Prophylactic eyehead venetian snares rmx by Spherex
21. Ballet of the chicks by Noize Creator
22. My Name Is Roar Roar by Eustachian
23. Happy singing feat. the prodigy by Passenger Of Shit
24. Stapletapewurmsonmypenis by Passenger Of Shit
25. Breakcore is dead by Unknown

2006, WUK

Still very proud of this one since I got to support Venetian Snares and µ-Ziq!

I still remember how nervous i was and while preparing the tracks it didn`t get any better … on the contrary! I knew my DJ Skills where really bad and figured if i mess up transition after transition in front of hundreds of people it would kinda suck. So I did the smartest thing one can do in a situation like this and choose Harsh Noise tracks – no one would recognize shit and I wouldn`t be known as the “really bad dj that played before the Planet Mu Artists” 😀



It worked and no one really noticed i mostly played Sick to the Back Teeth and Still Searching for Humans tracks. Don`t tell anyone!


1. The World is by Still Searching For Humans
2. Shuttup Bitch by Still Searching For Humans
3. One More Thing byS till Searching For Humans
4. Ktpa1 by AFX
5. Manni Hat Angst by Still Searching For Humans
6. U Can’t Kill Metal Music by Still Searching For Humans
7. Still Searching For Amen by Still Searching For Humans
8. Ktpa2 by AFX
9. Green by Twain + Sick To The Back Teeth
10. White by Twain + Sick To The Back Teeth
11. White by Twain + Sick To The Back Teeth
12. Green by Twain + Sick To The Back Teeth
13. Green by Twain + Sick To The Back Teeth
14. White by Twain + Sick To The Back Teeth
15. White by Twain + Sick To The Back Teeth
16. Green by Twain + Sick To The Back Teeth
17. White by Twain + Sick To The Back Teeth
18. Hackers (Generation One) by Double Fish
19. Sn 100132-45 by D.compose
20. FUKIN N MUZIK by Beatwife
21. The Way Music SHOULD be by Main$tream
22. This Is What It Soundz Like (When Peace Off Cries) by Main$tream
23. IV by Sedarka
24. V.I by Sedarka
25. Atomhead Basophilic Transducer rmx by Kaebin Yield
26. Made in Catalonia by Autopsy Protocol
27. 1000 Dollars by Autopsy Protocol
28. Switch by Autopsy Protocol
29. Girls Like To Be Cut by ScreamerClauz
30. Shocker by ScreamerClauz
31. Eating poo and dying by K5k
32. Track by Idiot Lust
33. Track by Idiot Lust
34. Track by System Corrupt
35. You`re 40 Years Young & I Can Make You A Stinkypuss (quieter) by Sex is for Parents
36. Bierpfand im Schaltkeller by Mashnum pi

After the Concert

After the concert

Sepix – DJ, Music Maker, Person

Hi, my name is Sepix.

I am a Vienna-based DJ and Music Maker. I like unconventional electronic music, particularly genres such as Breakcore, IDM and Glitch. Simply put, Braindance. For updates, sounds, and more, follow me here (rather than on the street, late at night)!

Email: mailaddy
PGP: Public Key
Skype: thesepix
Facebook: Sepix
Twitter: @Sepix
or leave a comment at the bottom 🙂


I am a Vienna based DJ, Music Maker and Person, somewhat known for my DJ Act focusing on Breakcore/IDM/Glitch/Electronic.

Yawning at art

Yawning at art

You can find out more about me on my Facebook Site


Through lucky circumstances in the early 2000`s i met other people in Vienna who also liked unconvential harsh sounds. Back then Breakcore kinda resurfaced again and thanks to the Hirntrust Mastermind we formed the now infamous Noisecamp. Until the mid-late 2000`s we organized parties in an around Vienna, focusing on Breakcore, Noise and all other parts of the inherent subculture. With my partner in crime Adam Strang I even traveled and played other European countries for a bit 🙂

In Breakcore i mostly like the fast, fun, well-crafted and happy party sound, combined with harsher elements from Noise to Speedcore. Nowadays i mostly focus on complex but club-suitable tracks that fall into the IDM Genre.

For booking inquiries drop me a line!

I have shared stages with acts like:
Venetian Snares, µ-Ziq, Dälek, Panic Dhh, Todesstern, Ambassador21, Droon, Shitmat, The Teknoist, Enduser, Knifehandchop, Sickboy, Hecate, Xanopticon, Amboss, To live and shave in L.A., Baseck, Patric Catani, Electric Kettle, Maladroit, Epsilon, Rank Sinatra, One Bomb One Target, Deathsitcom, Buben, ON/OFF, Popof, Eiterherd, Kovert, Zombieflesheater, Base Force One, DJ K, DD Kern, Pure, …

Blurry me!

Blurry me!

You can listen to my DJ mixes on my Mixcloud Site

Music Maker

Back in 2010 i finally started making music myself. Motivated by other Breakcore artists i started toying around with Renoise. In my own creations i`m mostly interested in sampling, pianos and drums. My works can be found on Soundcloud. Nowadays i mostly use Bitwig in Combination with Redux.

You can listen to my music on my Soundcloud Site