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2014, Swiftless, Debutalbum

As someone who doesn`t like commercialism and especially commercial music i am a fan of the statement “Noise as a genre can never be commercialized”. While i consider myself more of a Breakcore and IDM fan, i do enjoy Noise as a Genre a lot and have seen many of my favourite Noise Artists (such as: Merzbow, KK Null and the Austrian Legends OneBombOneTarget) performing live.

And then this happened:

Taylor Swift accidentally releases 8 seconds of white noise, tops Canadian iTunes charts

Taylor Swift accidentally releases 8 seconds of white noise, tops Canadian iTunes charts

A Noise track by Taylor Swift made it into the charts. I`ll be damned.

Needless to say some friends and I, who don`t just like the Genre by accident, found this to be very funny/sad and shortly after that my dear friend Tomorroh Hidari announced compiling an album celebratig the commercial success of Noise in the Billboard Charts. Of course i joined the good cause, submitted my track and then the compilation was released on Bandcamp and can be downloaded for free.

Various Artists - Swiftnoise

Various Artists – Swiftnoise

I still don`t really know who Taylor Swift actually is and I don`t even want to look her up but I am thankful for the circumstances that lead to:

A track of mine got released on an album <3

2014, Deadlines

This one is cute and, sadly, the last complete track i did until today. 2 years ago! Meh :/

As many other people who make music i find it very hard to motivate myself finishing a track. 90% of the work is done on the last 10% of the track which can be a tough nut to crack. For this reason i joined the SDCompo Group which in the meantime has been renamed to Audiotournament. I suggest checking the site out to anyone who is using trackers (such as Renoise) for music making as the principle behind it is simple, effective and fun.

Once a month the users are provided with a sample pack which is then to be used to create a track. No other elements besides the ones provided may be used. It is awesome because it solves the problem of having too many sounds to work with, thus forcing the user to be creative with what they have. Limiting yourself to only a few instruments/sounds can do wonders.

It was tough sitting through it, but i was happy enough with the track in the end to release it into the open and submit to the contest – 1 day after the submission deadline 😀
Needless to say the track wasn`t accepted for the round i participated in but at least it got finished 🙂

2012, Disadvantage

Sadly, Disadvantage marked the end of my creative period in 2012. Motivated by a sample taken from the TV Series Sherlock i planned on creating a Drum and Bass Track. I remember being really happy with the reese and lead drums but still wanted to achieve more. I got lucky while editing some breaks, however, they could have been carved out much better which, in the end, tears the track apart.

Looking back on it today i get the feeling i had nowhere to go back then. After all careing is not an advantage 🙂

2012, Revivify

Revivify was finished and uploaded to Soundcloud in June 2012. Motivated by the completion of Medication i focused on the piano even more. Although i really like the melody I ran out of ideas towards the end of the track which can easily be recognized by the repetition of the elements.

Looking back on it today i do however like the intro and the general mood.

Fun fact: the high pitched voice towards the end is Chocolate Rain 😀

2012, Medication

I remember Medication as the third track i created after i started out making music back in 2010. There where a lot more created before that of course, but it was more or less the first “complete” track. Complete as in – it has an intro, background, drop and so on. It was uploaded to Soundcloud in April 2002, and while i still remember the general circumstances i was in at the time, i don`t have have an exact memory of the night(s) the song was created. I must have, however, watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest briefly before since the track relies so much on it with its intro.

While the track has obvious flaws i still link to it when i`m asked what kind of music i make.

Until the next tracks are released it will do 🙂