Sepix – Braindance Roundup Three

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Three

This one went so well! After taking a break from DJ`ing for such a long time i kinda had a rough start with the first two DJ Mixes in this Series. The first one was recorded 3 or 4 times until i was happy with it and also the second Mix definitely took more attempts than one 😉 Number three ended up great though. Everything went well on the first attempt and i like the flow a lot.

The Mood is lighting up and can be decribed as relaxed. Most of the Tracks have a more modern, minimal Signature.

The Highlights are Rob Clouth (who actually appears three times in this one if you pay close attention, Si Begg (with his fantastic banger as second) and Magical Mistakes.

Sepix - Braindance Roundup Three

Sepix – Braindance Roundup Three

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1. Supermarket skweep by Ither

2. Better Living Through Distortion – Original Mix by Si Begg

3. Johnny Nemo (with Akira The Don) by Mothboy

4. Shotlicker by DJ Lance Lockarm

5. Sansula (Max Cooper’s “Lost In Sound” Mix) by Dominik Eulberg

6. Hollow Bodies by Magical Mistakes

7. Cloud complex by Rob Clouth

8. June 9th by Boards of Canada

9. Small Plans by RJD2

10. Matin Lunaire by Plaid

11. Deep Field (Vessels Remix) by Leisure System

12. Before Veto by Cylob

13. Force 50 000 by Debmaster

14. Ruxack 2000 by Bodenständig 2000

15. Local Hero by Crazy Q