Sepix – Braindance Roundup One

Sepix Braindance Roundup One – Series Kickoff!

Aaand i`m back from the dead. Not with Breakcore though but with a new set of Mixes by the infamous DJ Sepix 🙂 The original idea was creating something like an IDM Series but i wanted to avoid any Genre wars. Also, while i`ll be focusing on everything IDM i didn`t want to exclude or mislabel other Genres – hence the name: Braindance Roundup.

These DJ Sets will feature a lot of tracks that are very dear to me for different reasons. As said, mostly IDM, but also Glitch, Acid, Downtempo and Hip-Hop. Nice melodies, interesting sounds, weird stuff and off beat drums. The Tracks are losely sorted by tempo, so the further these DJ Sets progress the faster it gets – with exceptions of course.

The first one is slow, the mood is somewhat desperate with tracks by well-known and not so well-known artists.

To me the Highlights are the Tracks by Shlomo, Lauren Bousfield and The Ghost of 3.13.

Enjoy listening!

Edit: This DJ Set now is 8th in the Mixcloud IDM Charts! Thx everyone for tuning in!



Sepix Braindance Roundup One

Sepix Braindance Roundup One

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1. Meet Ur Maker by Shlohmo

2. Hej by Awt

3. God by Bomb 20

4. Everyday Gone by The Flashbulb

5. Locked Into Phantasy by Lauren Bousfield

6. Waltz of Failure by Minion

7. Between Us and Them by Ulrich Schnauss

8. Storm Clouds on the Open Sea by Cake Builder

9. Dementia by Asfast

10. Hurt by The Ghost Of 3.13

11. Trike by Kid Spatula

12. Airplane by SEVEN

13. Silver Echos by Zephyr Nova

14. Chromakey Dreamcoat by Boards Of Canada

15. Yugen by Ochre

16. P.G.Rapefruit Latino by Culprate

17. The Descent by Rob Clouth